Digitizing of buildings gives great savings

eseebase® has been implemented in 70,000 homes – and the number is growing day by day

Everywhere it’s installed, the system has quickly shown to pay off and given significant savings. With eseebase® you get all necessary information and work procedures collected in one place – digitally!

With the implementation of eseebase®, operations and working procedures are digitised for the housing association or developer. All data is integrated into the organisation’s administrative systems, regardless of type.
Based on existing material and registrations, the building or tenancy is created in 3D, and the exact amount of data necessary for e.g. renovations, 2D drawings, operations and maintenance can then be retrieved. This provides useful and easily accessible material for the tenant’s interior decoration, the caretaker’s planning, and the digital execution of removal inspection, as well as the administration’s registration of tenant changes carried out by the right of disposal.  For owners, moreover, the system provides the basis for optimised operations.
eseebase® also includes material for putting out tenders for maintenance work in flats, outside areas and external building elements. Also here there is a close connection to the digital 3D models. 

Digital removals

Digital removals, an add-on to the standard model, has been developed in close cooperation with a number of housing associations. The programme includes:

    •    Tenders and framework agreements for removals jobs
    •    Visualisations and rental material
    •    Management of right of disposal

Experience shows that the use of digital removals can on average save 25 – 30% per move. In addition, administration saves one to four hours for each move, as the entire moving process is digitised and automated.
It is also an advantage that the same consultant digitises and manages tenders, as the data from the model forms the basis for digitised tenders based on the specified tender amounts.


Operations and maintenance

By adding further information to the 3D model, information about all outside building sections and common areas can be generated. This information is so accurate that the data can be included directly in operation plans – which gives a unique overview and allows more reliable and accurate budgeting in the years to come.

By combining digitisation with a registration of the actual condition of the various building elements and proposals for maintenance/alignment, a total overview of operations and maintenance tasks can be attained.

    •    Operations and maintenance plans
    •    Building inspection and appraisal
    •    Financial calculations
    •    Energy calculations
    •    Lighting calculations

Material for overall plans

Digitisation forms a natural basis for further work in connection with overall plans. In this way part of the costs involved in preliminary registration are saved.

3D BIM modelling

The basic 3D models are designed so that they are future-proof, both complying with current demands and adjustable to future demands for digital operations.

2D and 3D readout of tenancy

The standard model provides both 2D and 3D illustrations that can be used for such things as websites, tenders, brochures, etc.

Photorealistic view

The illustrations can easily be further adapted into photorealistic views, if it is wished to give an extra touch to rental material.

Managing changes - right of disposal

The ongoing management of changes in tenancies becomes more clear and simple.


When implementing eseebase® we provide instructions in order to ensure that you get a good start and can gain full value of the system as quickly as possible.