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effectiveness and savings in operation and maintenance

Get easy access to valid data about your portfolios of buildings and outdoor areas, with digital building information models. This gives a needed overview for better planning, optimising purchases and taking efficient decisions.

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Collective overview of
valid data
– right at your fingertips.

Digitisation of your portfolio gives you full transparency with correct data based on measurements and blueprints of your buildings. This gives you the opportunity to optimise operations and make better decisions.

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Collective overview with valid data

Digitisation of the portfolios gives you full transparency, with correct data based on measurements and blueprints of your buildings. This gives you the opportunity to optimise the operation and make better decisions.

Providing you with an overview

On the eseeBASE-portal, all blueprints and models are just a few clicks away. You can filter the individual buildings’ elements across departments and easily make any needed modifications.

Secure update of your data

The maintenance of your data is secured by eseebase. Based on your inputs, all changes in models will be registered as you go. With this, you know that your data will reflect reality at any time.

+26 mill.

£ customers save annually


experts in the field

+9 mill.

m2 digitised to date

+30 years

administration experience

How we create intelligent buildings


Provision of data

We never compromise the quality of data. Our users have to be completely certain that all data is correctly registered and trustworthy.


Organisation of data

We make the complex simple when we systematize data, collect information in meaningful categories and create correlations across data.


The use of data

Working with data should be simple. We create transparency by making data accessible and useful in a format which is meaningful for the individual user.

Where we operate 


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Fyns Almennyttige Boligselskab


Frederikshavn Boligforening


Boligselskab Fruehøjgaard


Bolig Korsør


Boligforeningen B42

Vestsjællands Almene Boligselskab  

AAB Silkeborg

Bolig Næstved

Tårnbyhuse Boligorganisation

Boligforeningen Ungdomsbo

AB Vordingborg

Vordingborg Boligselskab


kollegiernes kontor sønderborg

AB Silkeborg

SAB Svendborg

AAB Boligudlejning

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Boligselskabet Viborg

Viva Bolig

Boligforeningen Vibo

Bramming Boligforening

DAB Rødovre, Carlsro

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Boligforeningen Århus Omegn

FOB Kalundborg

Alboa - Almen Boligorganisation Aarhus

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Arbejdernes Andelsforening Struer

Ejendomselskabet Egelunden

Domea Nørre Snede

Boligforeningen Give

AAB Horsens

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JAB 1046

Domea Egtved

B. S. B. Varde

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Boligforeningen B42

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Boligselskabet Glamsbjerg Vissenbjerg

BSB Årslev

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DFB Charlottegården

Boligorganisationen Tårnbyhuse

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DAB Lyngby

DFB Ørnegårdsvej