e-inspections finances ambitious digitisation strategy

Director of Danish Housing Association

e-inspections finances ambitious digitisation strategy

When DAB today is making electronic vacatings at more and more apartments, it a part of an extensive digitisation strategy. The centerpiece for the practical implementation of the strategy is the digital building models, that DAB is getting developed in a close partnership with eseebase.

DAB is renting out and administrating more than 50.000 units for general housing associations and municipalities over the entire country. As one of the largest housing associations, the optimization potential with digitisation is considerably large – but the complexity is correspondingly large. That was why DAB was not one of the first, since experiences with digital inspections needed to be gathered first. Actually, they were a bit sheltered by the colleagues in the business to see if the savings were achievable.

That disposal means that DAB today is establishing electronic building models and introducing electronic visions. All this is supported by eseebase’s sharp focus on health and everything that includes measurement, digitisation, tenders and implementation. And the savings? Yes, they become reality and are now contributing to financing the foundation in the extensive digitisation strategy.”

“It is nice to be able to say that the foundation of such an extensive project is the finances. For the individual company, we are talking about the investment earning itself back in 4-6 years, which you must say is a relatively short time on a relatively large investment. And it’s simply the electronic inspection that secures everything. On top of that come all the other advantages.” says Jan Juul Lorenzen, who is the development manager in DAB.

One palette of opportunities with digitisation

The derivative advantages are exactly what DAB has a large focus on when they work with realizing the entire palette of opportunities with digitisation. Even though they had a slow start, electronic inspections are just one of the many opportunities that digital buildings models open up.

“To us, an important factor was to use the building models as widely as possible and thereby settle the new demands of operations orders. If our focus was on vacatings, we would be able to halve the expenses and only digitise the inside of the buildings, but we are going all in and also measuring and registering all exterior parts of the buildings.” says Dan Jensen, who is development consultant and responsible for electronic inspections and the corporation with the departments in the individual associations.

Draws the heavy load with Facility Management

Parallel to the implantation of electronic inspections, DAB has therefore already started the next big project which is going to strengthen the collective operation. The development of a Facility Management-solution is on its way and where DAB was previously a bit insecure on electronic inspections, they are now all the way in front when it comes to Facility Management.

“When it comes to Facility Management, we are all the way in front. There are very few working with it, so we have to create our own experiences. The entire process of integration and making the buildings connected to the system is a challenge in and of itself. If you ask professionals, they will say it is not possible, but it has to work because the building models are the core of our future operation. Therefore, we continue our close collaboration with eseebase. They have proven that integration is working.” Says Jan Juul Lorenzen.

”Maintenance of our building models is important and eseebase helps to ensure they are consistent at all times.”

Jan Juul Lorenzen
Development manager, DAB

Two buildings to maintain

Since the building models are the central turning point for the digitisation strategy, DAB has also plans for maintenance of the models – just like the physical buildings needs maintenance, so does the digital. DAB has concluded that it is not worth doing the maintenance work for the models themselves.

“We have of course considered whether if we should employ someone, but ultimately concluded in terms of resources and quality that we were better off getting it done professionally. Eseebase has the competence and we already have a good partnership with them and are completely secure with them taking care of the maintenance of the building models”, finishes Dan Jensen.

The challenge

DAB had formulated an ambiguous digitisation strategy with digital building models as the central turning point. Since we were talking about a large investment and a strategically important measure so they had to be completely sure that the competencies were right and the promised savings would become a reality.


The solution
DAB saw how it developed and spent time looking at solutions in the market and speaking to colleagues in the field who had previous experiences with electronic inspections. Based on good feedback and trust in eseebase, DAB decided on a full digitisation of all properties with electronic inspections as their first project.
The result
DAB is already harvesting the first results of digitisation and can see that savings of 20-30% are also a reality for them. Parallel to the work on digital inspections, DAB is also working on realizing the digitisation strategy and the next project is a Facility Management-solution.
DAB rents out and administrates housing for housing associations and municipalities over the entire country

Number of apartments: +50.000 units.

Website: www.dabbolig

Jan Juul Lorenzen, Development manager DAB.