40% reduction of expenses connected to vacatings

Director in Danish General Housing Assoiation

40% reduction of expenced connected to vacatings

NordVestBO were already bith effective and cost-conscious. Yet there were surprisingly large savings in connection to electronic vacating inspections and professional tenders.

To encrease the efficiance without comprimising quality, stability and economy is the goal for NordVestBO which is a union of general housing assosiations General Housing Sct. Jørgen, Holstebro and the collaborator Housing Cooperative, Struer. When the collegues in the buisness told about the uo to 40 % savings on vacatings and a bayback time of a couple of years was the executive committee convinced that digitisaition is the way to go. NordVestBO choose eseebase to understand both the digitisation and tenders in the maintenance tasks. “We were slowly starting and had just implemented electronic requisitions so digital vacatings were right up our alley and eseebase won do to their tender” says Anders Vestergaard, who is the director of NordVestBO.

Put resouses a side form the beginning

The 3,500 tenancies were put into four pools who in extention of eachother got measured and digitisazed. “Some good advise for others who are faicng a digitisation project would be to budget the intern resouces used to run the project. To involve the departments and co-opperate with eseebase and ensure full intern understanding of the project takes time. It was a great advantage that we from the beginning has dedicated resouses on hand”, says  Anders Vestergaard.

Skepticism put to shame

The large saving are today a reality and fully compensate that projects take both time and making of the opening fases. Acturally did Anders Vestergaard not expect that NordVestBO would gain very large savings. “We had heard from others like ourselves that there were money to save. And eseebase presented a both attractive and trustworthy buisness case. Yet I still was a bit sceptical and thought ahhh… will it also work for us? We already had some delas and reasonable prices. But I must say that yes it definitely worked! Today we save op to 45% on our vacatings”, says Anders Vestergaard.

“Collectively have the departments saved inbetween 2 and 2,5 mil. DKK yearly on vacatings – and on top are the saivngs for the citizence”

Anders Vestergaard
Director, NordvestBO

Same good quality

When the maitenance tasks where put to tender was NordVestBO excited to see how it would effect the quality of the renovation and cleaning processs in connection to vacatings. “Along the way you vill meet small issues when you change surpplier on aproxamatly 3,500 proterties as we did. In the beginning we had quite a lot of work wth adapting the quailty of the work but it has been worth the truoble and today we have the same great quality as before but to a fraction of the price”, assesses Anders Vestergaard.

The next tender in good hands

NordVestBO are facing their next competitive tender process. They have already had introductory meetings with eseebase about the new tender even thought it is a year away. “We are not big enough for it mo make sense to have our own tender specialist so it is nove to know that eseebase are on top of both timing and the process. That was also one of the reasons that we coose them in the first place. I am sure many can make both measuremnt and digitisations med the process of handling the tenders afterwards it were I think eseebase stands out”, finnishes Anders Vestergaard.

The challange

With a goal to ensure minimal retal increases without comprimising the quality is the Northwest Administration always on the hunt for optimazation oppertunities. Digital requisitions where already a part of their routine but the effiency potential was greater.

The solution

Electronic vacaitng inspections with professional competitive tender processes was the next step on the way to improved effiency. In four pools were all tendencies were measured and digitisazed and maintenance tasks sent in tender based on ecact amounts and treatment indications.

The result

The investment has payed back and on average the expances on vacatings have been reduced with 40%. Besides all of the vavating process has been automated which is a bonus that saves time in the admisistration – all in line with the current effiency agender and public demands.

NordVestBo is a union of the General aousing associations, Housing assotiation ”Sct. Jørgen”, Holstebro og Arbejdernes andelsboligforening, Struer.

Number of appartments: 3,500


Anders Vestergaard, Director NordVestBo