Mariagerfjord Kommune

Overview and sharp offers have gained large savings after digitisation

Director of the Danish housing assosiation

”Our wish was to become even sharper at obtaining offers”

Digitasation of senior housings region are looking to gain savings and optimize operations, maintenance and organizational overview in Mariagerfjord Kommune.

We went for experience

Choice of supplier fell on eseebase who at that time did not have much experience in municipal solutions: “eseebase were from the very first meeting very attentive. The dialog was open and honest and that was exactly what we were looking for in a collaboration to create a win-win solution.”

The wish was an exact overview

The municipal property center in Mariagerfjord Kommuneare in charge of the outdoor maintenance of all municipal buildings – in total 230,000 m2. On top is the maintenance of technical installations and the opperation of the town hall buildings. 50,000m2 of the total area today make up the senior housing area shared among 535 properties together with common and service areas.

“Our wish was to become even sharper at obtaining offers in connection to relocations and vacatings. To get an exact overview over the wall area that needs a coat of paint or the floor area needing to be polished and catching up on the best prices”, says Jan B. Severinsen leader 0f a municipal property in Mariagerfjord Kommune. ” The better prices will benifit the relatives. When you have lived eight years in municipal senior housing the demand of maintenacne costs when vacating will fall on the relatives. Today not many elder live that long in senior housings”, says Jan. B. Severinsen.


“our wish was to become even sharper at obtaining offers“

Jan B. Serverinsen
Leader of a municipal property, Mariagerfjord Kommune

Together with sharper sales prices was a wish from the municipal property center of a tool to optimize maintenance plans in their already extisting management system. The papers were signed in 2015 where the digitasation proccess also was begun:- We have in the first place choosen the main product temporarily without the purchace of the digital vision module. To ensure us all details and the intern proccess are all in place. Currently has that proccess shown at least one positive thing:- We have gotten our intern workflow analysed which showed that the inspections department where handling administrative assignments in connection to relacatings and vacatings which they would like to have reassigned. Those assignments are now handled by the nursing centers adminisrative personnal who have the direct contact to the citizence.

When the main product is fully implemented the Municipal Property Center are wishing to get the digital inspection function integreated.

“You can easily imagine you a digitasation of our other departments. The system is very concreate when it comes to relocations and vacatings but you could easily imagining the template being used in other departments”, says Jan B. Severinsen.

The challange

With digitisaton has Municipal Property Center gotten a detailed overview of maintenance of their in total 535 senior houses. The next step in the process is to utilize the overview to ensure the minicipality even better prices in tenders connected to relocatings and vacatings.

The solution

In close dialogue and collaboration with The Municipal Property Center has eseebase developed a 3D BIM-modeling which targeted demands and needs that supports municipal digital operations. The solution integrates data in iSYN from Logicmedia.

The result

Besides the foudation to ensure safe savings on maintenance tenders sucures the eseebase-solution also the overview to create better maintenance plans – and thereby potentially give further savings. The implementation has in addition given occation to analyse and improve the intern workflow in the municipality.

Municipal Proterty Center in Mariagerfjord municipality are in chrge of the exterior maintenance of all municipal buildings – 230,000 m2 in total.


Jan B. Severinsen, leader of Municipal Proterty Center