About us

We make buildings talk

We transform bricks, windows and lawns into digital models. We enrich them with data so they become intelligent and know how to maintain themselves. Therefore, we say that we make buildings talk.

Building management complexity made simple

We create a voice that has never been there before


Smart buildings talk. You act.

Imagine what it would be like if your car did not let you know when it needed to be refueled. That is how it has been with buildings for years: They have been dead, or unintelligent, and we have regularly had to manually find out when or how much of a building needed service, wasting valuable resources. But that stops now.

We have made operating and maintaining buildings smart, by digitisation and maintaining all building data in one database that integrates into your existing IT system, putting you back in control.

So when we are asked what we do, we simply say: We make buildings talk. And empower people along the way.

+26 mio.

Pounds saved annually by our customers


experts in their fields

+9 mio.

m2 digitalized to date

+30 yrs

experience within the sector

How we create intelligent buildings


Provision of data

We never compromise with the quality of data. Our users have to be completely certain that all data is correctly registered and trustworthy.


Organisation of data

We make the complex simple, when we systematise data, collect information in meaningful categories and create correlations across data.


Use of data

Working with data should be simple. We create transparency by making data accessible and useful in a format which is meaningful for the individual user.

General housing association experiences huge savings after digitiasation

After more than eight years with digital quantities from eseebase, FællesBo Herning has achieved impressively large savings – both economically and in terms of resources. They are rounding an annual 50% saving on vacatings alone. This year, FællesBo are taking on yet another brand new digitisation project: Outdoor facades.

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