Cookie policy for wants to present the company digitally, including the website and other Web sites, in a user-friendly and clear form and with easy access to information, content and user service. reserves the right to use cookies.

Cookies regularly collect information about how visitors behave and about their behavior on the various Web sites, etc., solely to improve these conditions and statistics.

A cookie is a small passive data file that is stored on the customer’s IT equipment for the purpose of recognizing it, remembering settings, performing statistics etc. Cookies cannot contain malicious codes, including viruses.

Some cookies remain on the IT equipment after the browser is closed, while others are deleted after 30 minutes or when the browser is closed.

If access to the various Websites etc. requires a login, cookies are used to ensure that the correct username and password is used and to identify the user. These cookies are associated with the relevant logins and are necessary to access the Website.

Cookies can be rejected and deleted via the cookie settings browser help function.