Private tenders

Strengthen the economy with efficient maintenance and direct savings

Digitisation can be the way to a more profitable maintenance of your tenanted property. Other tenders have already taken the journey. Find inspiration and gain knowledge on how you optimize your working process and save both time and money with digitisation.

What our customers are saying

Collective overview of
valid data
– right at your fingertips. 

Digitisation of your portfolio gives you full transparency with correct data based on measurements and blueprints of your buildings. This gives you the opportunity to optimise operations and make better decisions.

save time and money without compromising the quality

Get documentation under control and cut your expenses with digitisation

Efficiency and clear agreements with the tenant are a necessity when you operate in private rental. On top of this, new demands of energy labels, inspection reports and running maintenance plans need to be taken care of as well. It takes both time and money, so how do you run a profitable business? With cash-neutral digitisation, you save time and money and live up to demands of documentation, all while gaining an overview for long-term planning.

The numbers speak for themselves


Number of estates eseebase has already digitalised

3 years

Average payback time for digitisation


Average cost saving on O&M tenders

1-4 hours

Average saving in the daily administration

Complex maintenance
-made simple

We collect all the construction data into one database and integrate it into your existing IT-system. This provides you with a fully transparent secure overview. From there, you can access information directly on your pc, tablet or phone.

Benefits that give you overview needed

to work more efficiently


Collective overview
with valid data

Digitisation of your portfolio gives you full transparency with correct data based on measurements and blueprints of your buildings. This gives you the opportunity to optimise operations and make better decisions.

Efficient partnership and communication

Whether it’s concerning blueprints for a tenant or input for an advisor, you are able to give different stakeholders digital access to the correct data. This gives more time and less misunderstandings.

Take advantage of your data across systems

Our extensive experience with integration secures you a model where you are able to quickly and efficiently utilise data such as operational plans, conditional assessments, FM-systems, energy labels, etc.

Optimisation along with legal requirements

Digital energy labelling, inspection reports at all relocations and vacating and all digital maintenance plans for all your properties secures that you live up to all legal requirements about transparency and documentation.

Effective vacating and re-letting

A digital inspection is safest for both the caretaker and the tenant. There is clarity in the details, and the inspection can be finished on the spot. All administration and ordering of all craftsmen happens electronically.

 30% average in savings on tender

Correct amounts of exact treatment descriptions and general agreements is the way to go when you want to reduce expences. During vacating, you can save up to 45% when maintenance tasks have been put out to tender.

Access to your entire

On the eseeBASE-portal, all blueprints and models are just a few clicks away. You can filter the elements of individual buildings across departments, and easily make any needed modifications.

Running updating of

The maintenance of your data is secured by eseebase. Based on your inputs, all changes in models will be registered as you go. With this, you know that your data will reflect reality at any time.

Secure storage
of your data

Your data is always secure in eseebase’s hosting center, due to a cloud solution based on MS Azure. You are able to keep your focus on what is important, and stop wasting energy  focusing on backups, server capacity or data security.

Collection of drawings
In co-operation with you, we collect, journalise, and scan existing 2D drawings and supply you with 3D-measurements or a point cloud scanning after your needs. You then approve the data foundation and decide which units that are to be registered.
Construction of BIM
Then the task of digitalising approved drawings and constructing detailed 3D BIM (buildings-informations-model). We can likewise enrich the models with information about the individiual part of the building and its condition. Then you can also use it further for budgeting and planning.
Tenders and agreements
Together we point out all procedures connected to, for example, renovation of a tenancy. We prepare materials and arrange tenders. When the deals are in place, prices together with building quantities will be implemented.
Commissioning of the system
Finally, all data will be available on the eseeBASE-portal. Users will be educated in order to give them a smooth start and ensure they are provided with support in case they need. The users will also register any model changes on the eseeBASE-portal.

When planning new residences and bigger renovations, correct pricing of architecture and design is important.

During construction, focus will also be put on optimizing the building’s economy, yet drawings and the building process itself only makes up 20% of the total cost over time. The last 80% goes to operations and maintenance, which means here lies a huge potential for savings. This is where we enter the picture.

Let us tell you more about how we know that through digitisation of your portfolio, you can bring your expenses down and optimise your use of resources.

General housing association experiences huge savings after digitisation. 

After more than eight years with digital quantities from eseebase, FællesBo Herning has achieved impressively large savings – both economically and in terms of resources. They are rounding an annual 50% saving on vacatings alone. This year, FællesBo are taking on yet another brand new digitisation project: Outdoor facades.

Electionc Inspection

Electronic inspection directly on the tablet to achieve savings during vacating.

Operation and maintenance

Access valid data and get a complete overview on the eseeBASE-portal where you are able to easily make model changes.


Showcase available residence in 3D at the office or show alternatives in connection to physical showing.

On the go

Your mobile or tablet gives you access to data; both 2D and 3D drawings for when you are out in the field.